Customer-Driven design of product-services and production networks to adapt to regional market requirements

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Towards a new customer oriented product-services approach

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Summary of the project

The ProRegio project aims at developing manufacturing intelligence based product-service that will rigorously change the current way how customer requirements are addressed by manufacturing companies.

The challenges addressed by the ProRegio project are aligned with latest observations drawn by the WTO, saying that global supply chains of today are not really global, but regional in terms of having three major regions, namely Asia, North America, and Europe. The project’s aim is to address regional customer requirements by increasing the ability to export from EU countries to other continents and strengthening inner-regional production within the EU.


The development of this new business approach is based on three major issues, namely :

  1. design of customer-oriented product-services for frugal innovation in a bottom-up development process
  2. co-evolution of production systems and networks based on interaction of stakeholders
  3. planning and control of production networks and regional production systems to enable ad-hoc re-design

The three goals are enabled by innovative cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions integrating production (shopfloor and supplier) as well as customer feedbacks using open IT-platforms and advanced multi-objective optimization methods in comprehensive decision support tools.

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